Parking Services has created a designated Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station/Parking Space on Level 2 in P9 (Admin. Garage). The EV Charging Station is a value-added service that Parking Service provides to our parking users (those with electric vehicles) – users can charge their vehicle while parked at the University. This is the only charging station that we currently have on campus so it will require the cooperation and consideration of EV operators to ensure that once their vehicle is charged that they move it to another parking space to allow the next EV user the opportunity to charge their vehicle as well (a 4h max charge time is enforced).

  • If you are a current permit holder (any parking area on campus), you may use the EV Charging Station simply by displaying your parking permit while parked and charging at this station. Once your vehicle is charged, you must move your vehicle back to your home parking lot.
  • If you are not a permit holder, you must pay the daily parking rate ($3.50/hr of $14 daily max.) via a CALE Parking Pay Terminal, ParkAdmin on-line permit/payment option, or via Text2ParkMe. Once your vehicle is charged (within the 4h time limit), you must remove your vehicle from the space and/or move to another visitor parking space in the parking garage.

Parking Services will continue to monitor EV usage on campus and explore further deployment of EV Charging Stations in future years. Parking Services does not charge for the delivery or distribution of power or the service of charging your vehicle. All you are paying for is the space that you are using while your vehicle is parked and is being charged.

If you have any questions or comments concerning EV Charging Stations on campus, please contact Parking Services via