Joint Program Students/Faculty

University of Ottawa (uOttawa) and Algonquin College students or faculty with full-time institutional parking permits who also require parking to attend joint programs at Carleton University must attend/present their institution’s issued parking permit to the Parking Office in order to register to obtain authorization to park at Carleton University. While parking at Carleton University, vehicles with a valid registered uOttawa or Algonquin College parking permit, will be validated to park free of charge in Lot P7. This process will be explained during registration.

Carleton University offers this reciprocal parking arrangement, fostered in good faith, to any student or faculty member enrolled/engaged in a collaborative program between Carleton University and the uOttawa and Algonquin College. Parking Services reserves the right to delay/refuse authorization where enrolment documents/proof of course registration have not been satisfied to the Parking Services authority at Carleton University.