Campus Guest Parking

If you have a guest coming to campus and would like to purchase them a parking permit for the day, you can follow these steps when logged into your ParkAdmin account:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on “Permits” at the top of the screen
  3. Find and select the “Visitor SGPP – Campus Guest P&D Lots” permit
  4. Pick the correct date, select “GUEST Vehicle…” for the vehicle, and then “Reserve Permit”
  5. Follow prompts to complete payment for the permit
  6. Return to the home screen, locate the permit, and click on the permit number
  7. Open the permit as a PDF and send it to your guest electronically

The responsibility for ensuring vehicles are legally parked and that appropriate parking fees have been paid rests with each vehicle operator. For further information or assistance with visitor parking options, please contact the Parking Services Office at 613 520-3623 or email

Note:  These discounted passes are intended for Departmental guests to facilitate University business.  They are not to be used for staff parking.

Parking Validation Portal for Frequent Guests

Departments that frequently host guests may request an online parking validation portal which would allow the Departmental Administrator to validate their guest parking in advance of the scheduled visit.   Departments with pre-purchased guest hangtags (which have been discontinued) may turn them into Parking Services prior to April 29th, 2022 for credit in their parking validation portal. For more information on the online parking validation portal, please contact the Parking Services Office at 613 520-3623 or email

Special events

Parking Services can also help organize parking arrangements for larger events or conferences taking place on campus. If your department or group requires parking arrangements, please contact James Ouzas at and at Arrangements to rent out lots can typically be made for evenings and weekends. Prices vary based on day, time, and location.

For further information and assistance, please contact Parking Services at 613 520-3623 or email