Visitor parking

Departments wishing to provide courtesy parking to their guests visiting campus can purchase Special Guest Parking tags by e-Shop from Parking Services. Special guest parking tags are valid for one date only and allow visitors to park in any Pay and Display parking lot or metered area on campus. Parking hangtags have a campus map on the reverse of the tag that identifies areas where visitors may park on campus. With this feature, Special Guest Parking tags can be mailed by departments to their intended visitors prior to their arrival on campus to assist them with finding convenient parking close to their meeting location.

What if you can’t get the parking permit to your visitor before they arrive on campus?

Parking Services has made it easier for you to arrange for parking for your special guests. Simply register for their parking online and email them their parking permit.

Here’s how it works: Access ParkAdmin at to access your profile and select the (P)arking tab; then Temporary Parking Permit and then Visitor SGPP – University Guest P and D Lots.(Valid all day at any Pay and Display parking area or at on-street meters).

Follow the steps to register the permit, including selection of dates and vehicle particulars. Then confirm purchase of the parking permit and enter payment information.

Payment can be made with a Purchasing Card – simply select the payment option and enter the required details.

To print or email the permit, go to the (History) page of your ParkAdmin profile and scroll down to the Temporary Parking Permit Records section and click on the printer icon located beside the permit just purchased.

A File Download dialogue box will offer the user the ability to open or save the permit. The  permit saves as a pdf file that you can email to your guests to print on a normal 8.5″  11″ sheet of paper and then display on their dashes while parking at Carleton University.

The responsibility for ensuring vehicles are legally parked and that appropriate parking fees have been paid rests with each vehicle operator. For further information or assistance with visitor parking options and Special Guest Parking tags, please contact the Parking Services Office at 613 520-3623 or email

Special events

For departments holding special events or conferences for 50 people or more on campus and requiring arrangements for parking, Parking Services can help! Groups who require reservation of all or part of a parking lot for a special event during summer months or on weekends must make a formal written request to Parking Services. Parking Services can provide parking event staff to greet visitors, provide information, issue permits, and give directions to campus events. An administrative fee will be levied for each event where special arrangements or services are required.

For further information and assistance, please contact the Events Coordinator at Parking Services at 613 520-3623 or email