Carleton University is a partner in several sustainable transportation programs within the City of Ottawa. To facilitate your commute to and from the Carleton University campus, you can take advantage of the various programs that we have partnered with and developed to promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Please see below for more information on your commuting options.

Walking to Campus

Walking is the most basic method of transportation. Millions of people around the world walk to get to and from work, school or wherever they need to go. The City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission (NCC) have provided good infrastructure for those persons walking along city streets and the alongside the canal to get to Carleton University. Once on the campus, there is a well maintained designated “Safe Path” walkway to follow as you navigate your way across the campus. Anyone living within 30 minutes from campus should consider walking. It is good for the environment and it is good for you — get active!

Cycling to Campus

Carleton University supports bicycle commuting to/from campus and offers hundreds of bicycle racks in convenient locations throughout the campus. In addition to these open racks, there are three secure bicycle storage compounds on campus.  There is no charge to use any of the open racks for bicycle storage on campus and it only costs $90 per year May-Apr to register/use the secure bicycle facility at Athletics, Residence Commons or Dunton Tower (opening May 2022).

Further information on bicycle programs on campus may be found at:

Public Transit

OC Transpo/O-Train (under construction until 2024)
There are a number of buses that come to the Carleton University campus. Please refer to the OC Transpo Travel Planner  for fare information, route maps, and transit schedules to plan your trip to/from campus.

As of fall 2022, the City of Ottawa continues its work on the expansion of the LRT, including the O-Train. The city has announced that this work is expected to be completed late 2023. Consult the OC Transpo website for updates.

Taxi Service – Safe Cabs

Convenience and safe transportation is a priority at Carleton University. The university has developed designated taxi stand locations at Residence Commons and the Unicentre (Lot 2) to provide students, staff, and faculty with secure and easy access to licenced taxis. Designated pick-up points are also located at all major buildings on campus. The campus is well served by many reputable taxi service providers. Beware of bandit taxis — they are illegal. Put safety first and use only licenced taxis for your commuting/transit needs. Licenced taxis are easily recognized with an identification number, a City of Ottawa licence plate on the rear bumper, a tariff card on the window listing all the fees, and a photo ID card inside the car with an Ottawa logo. For more information on the Carleton University Safe Cab program, please consult the University Safety website at

Carpool Programs

Carleton University provides flexibility in parking permit options for those persons wishing to organize/declare themselves as a carpool group. Parking permits may be shared among several vehicles so long as all vehicles are registered under the permit holder’s profile. Only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any given time and the same permit must be shared between vehicles. Contact Parking Services for further details.

Need help to find carpool partners coming from your home location to Carleton University? Register for ride-matching within the City of Ottawa area at When you register with this carpooling service, your free membership will provide you with the following transportation options and benefits:

  • meet other commuters or travelers, save money, and make new friends, while helping the environment
  • quickly and easily find people with whom to carpool – FREE to use, and available to anyone who lives or works in the National Capital Region
  • add or edit listings/reply to other listings
  • use your normal email address.
  • anonymous messaging to other members
  • safe travel suggestions
  • Carleton University is providing the above information as an option and accepts no liability whatsoever for any issues arising from sharing rides.


The transportation sector is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and emissions from vehicles are growing faster than any other sector. Every litre of gasoline that a car burns produces 2.4 kilograms of CO2. In urban areas, vehicle exhaust can account for up to two-thirds of smog-producing pollutants. By carpooling, you can help lower the number of SOVs (single occupant vehicles) on our roadways, reduce CO2 levels, and help “green” our environment.


Parking Services has partnered with Communauto, to make car-sharing available for members right here on campus. This venture allows Parking Services to offer yet another transportation alternative to our campus community.


Car-sharing is a service that provides its members with access to a fleet of vehicles on an hourly basis. Many of these car-share companies are operated by car rental companies and are able to provide a variety of car-share vehicles for any user’s potential need. Members can reserve a vehicle online or by phone, choose the nearest vehicle station based on their specific need and then simply drive away in the registered vehicle.

Conveniently, vehicles are located on campus:  Communauto – Lot P4 (near the O-Train Station) and if you can’t find a vehicle that suits your needs from the on-campus car-share inventory, there are pods of vehicles located nearby!


  1. Costs:
    According to a City of Ottawa report, owning and operating a motor vehicle can cost up to $10,000 annually. The average vehicle spends more than 95 per cent of the day parked and not used. When you car-share, you only pay for the time you use the vehicle.
  2. Increased mobility:
    We have great appreciation for those members that commute to and from the Carleton University campus daily either by bus/train, by bike or on foot – Parking Services encourages this effort! We also recognize that by bringing car-sharing onto campus that we are offering yet another option on those days where you may require increased mobility, whether it is for leisure or business.
  3. Environment:
    Car-sharing helps reduce the amount of space used by vehicles. One car-share vehicle can replace up to 10 vehicles! Studies also show that car-share members also tend to use a vehicle only when they need it, opting for others modes of transportation such as walking or cycling instead of driving – reducing the GHG emissions produced by vehicles!


Parking Services provides car-sharing companies with parking stalls (pods) for their car-share vehicles. Membership agreements are created/established between the users (you) and the individual car-share company.  For more information regarding specific car-share membership/options/programs/pricing details, please visit their company website.