The Carleton University Parking and Traffic Regulations link below is a downloadable document that contains general information about the University’s parking and traffic system. Its purpose is to acquaint users with the system’s features, rules, and regulations. Your compliance is encouraged since the ultimate success of the parking and traffic system depends upon mutual consideration, courtesy and co-operation. Regulations are enforced by Campus Safety Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers – their efforts are focused on keeping the campus safe.

  • Respect the speed limit…did you know that the maximum speed limit on the Carleton University campus is 40km/h? Avoid getting a ticket by keeping your speed within this limit.
  • Thank you for stopping! Help keep our campus safe – stop at all stop signs.
  • Leave the phone alone – distracted driving is not safe driving!

It is the responsibility of all cyclists and vehicle operators to be aware and compliant with the University Parking and Traffic Regulations while cycling or driving on campus.