Bike Compound Rentals Available 

Carleton University provides hundreds of standard free bike racks in convenient locations across campus. It is recommended that students using these bike racks utilize U-locks to provide reliable security for their bicycle. Cable locks are easily cut and bypassed and do not provide adequate security.

Parking Services is pleased to also provide enhanced security bicycle storage options for students, staff, or faculty cycling to the Carleton University campus.

These bicycle compounds, which enhanced security features include card access and CCTV coverage, are available for $30.00 per term. Bicycles can be moved to and from any of the three compounds as required.

Bicycle Storage Compounds are located in the following areas:

  • beneath the pool deck (SW corner) at Athletics across from the Andrew Fleck Child Care Centre;

  • to the North of the Terranga Commons (formerly Residence Commons) Campus Avenue entrance; and

  • between Dunton Tower and Azrieli Pavilion on Library Road.

Registration and administration of these storage areas are managed by Parking Services.  You can register to use the bike compounds by following these steps:

  1. Create an account or log in at
  2. If you do not have a vehicle registered to your account, click “Vehicles” at the top of the screen, and add a bicycle under the “Make” and “Vehicle Type” options. You can use your Carleton ID number for the license plate.
  3. Click on “Permits” at the top of the screen, then locate the “Bicycle Compound” permit.
  4. Follow prompts and complete payment for the permit.
  5. Once payment is made, call Parking Services at 613-520-3623, or send us an e-mail at
  6. We will confirm that your Campus Card is programmed to access the compounds, and then you will be able to swipe in to access them.

Please Note: Bicycle compound access expires every year on April 30th. You can renew your access as early as May 1st every year.

When using this compound, users are reminded to use a quality U-Lock to secure their bicycle to the racks provided. All property secured within this facility is left at the owner’s risk so it is important to ensure that you properly secure your valuables and that you do not allow unauthorized users access to the facility.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding secure bike storage, contact or call us at (613) 520-3623.