The following is a summary of parking/traffic offences and related fines for which enforcement action may be taken under the authority of the Carleton University Traffic and Parking Regulations. This schedule of parking/traffic offences and fines applies to tickets issued by either Parking Enforcement Officers or Campus Safety Officers employed with the Department of University Safety at Carleton University.

Traffic Offences (Moving Violations)
General Penalty – every person who contravenes any of the provisions of the traffic and parking regulations, where a penalty for the contravention is not otherwise provided herein, is liable to a fine of $50.00.

Traffic Offence Fine
Failure to Produce Driver’s Licence, Vehicle Ownership, or Proof of Insurance $50
Fail to Obey Sign or Traffic Control Device $50
Fail to Obey Directions of a Campus Safety Officer or Parking Enforcement Officer $50
Operating Prohibited Vehicle on Campus $50
Drive on Closed Road or Pathway $50
Failure to Stop and Report Accident $100
Failure to Report Damage to Property $100
Driving Without Due Care and Attention $100
Improper Access/or Exit from a Controlled Lot: $75.00, plus towing charge incurred to remove vehicle from parking lot $75+
Speeding: $25.00, plus $1.00 per km/hour in excess of posted limit $25+
Parking Offence Fine
Unauthorized Parking – Private Property Parked in Unauthorized Area

  • Parked in No Parking Area
  • Parked in No Stopping Area
  • Parked in Loading Zone Exceeding Posted Time Limit
  • Parked/Stopped in a Bus Zone
  • Parked at Time-Expired Meter
  • Parked – No Proof of Payment Displayed (Pay and Display Lots)
  • Parked – Expired Pay Stub (Pay and Display Lots)
  • Parked – No Permit Visible (Permit Lots)
Improper Display of Parking Permit

  • Permit not Visibly Displayed
  • Permit not Registered to Attached Vehicle
  • Misuse of Parking Permit /Expired Parking Permit
Park/Obstruct Snow Removal or Service Vehicle $50
Possess/Use Altered Parking Permit $150
Parked in Unauthorized Area (Reserved for Special Permits) $125
Parked in Designated Fire Route $125
Parked in Handicap Reserved Area (No Permit) $350
Drive on Closed Road or Pathway $50
MTO Query Fee $20
Administration/Collections Fee $35
Boot Application Fee $35
Unlawfully Remove/Damage Wheel Clamp (Boot) Device $100+

Towing fees, if applicable, are additional charges and will vary depending upon complexity of service required/provided by contracted towing agency when removing the violator’s vehicle. The cost per tow service on campus may range anywhere from $50 – $100. Damage caused to wheel clamp (boot) devices, when used, will be assessed by Parking Services and could result in fines ranging from $100 – $300 or criminal charges.

* – An early payment discount is applicable to most fines/violations when paid within seven (7) days of ticket issue.