Contractor Parking on Campus

To park on campus as a contractor you must registered with Carleton University Parking Services at Once you have registered you need to attend Parking Services at 204 Robertson Hall to purchase your Service Vehicle Permit (please make sure to bring company verification to prove contract work). Contractor permits are sold on a monthly or yearly basis May-April and are valid in any pay area. If you are parking for a short period no registration is required, you just need to pay at any pay station on campus.

There are two types of contractor permits you can purchase:

Service Vehicle Permit

Services Vehicle Permits are sold on a monthly or annual basis May-April. This permit may be transferred between fleet vehicles as long as no other vehicle registered surpasses the permits purchased. This permit is valid in any pay area on campus (not permit reserved areas). Parking Services may limit the amount of permits purchased do to volume.

Service Vehicle Permit (Annual) May-April (2023/24) $1234.20. taxes not included. Prices are prorated.

Service Vehicle Permit (Monthly) (2023/24) $205.70 taxes not included.

Lot 7 (Anniversary Park)

Lot 7 permits can be purchased by Day, Month or Yearly. To register for this permit please go to to register as a public user. This permit is located at the entrance at Bronson and is our most economical lot for all day parking. Please refer to Permits and Rates for cost.

Lot 7 rate is $4.50 per hour or $13.50 daily max rate.

Lot 7 Monthly Permit (2023/24) rate is $73.80 tax not included.

Lot 7 Permit (Annual 2023/24) May-April $653.40 tax not included.

Facilities Management & Planning (FMP) is responsible for the co-ordination of construction on campus and may grant certain contractor’s permission to park a limited number of vehicles within a defined (fenced-off) job site. Only those vehicles designated by FMP may park within these job site areas — contractor vehicles found parked in unauthorized areas on campus will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.