Parking Services Towing Procedures

It is the policy of the Campus Safety Services to boot (immobilize) or tow vehicles when safety is a concern or when all other means of enforcement have been attempted and are exhausted. A vehicle may be booted/towed and impounded at the owner’s risk and expense to the university compound for the following reasons:

  • vehicle blocking or obstructing free access or parked in a designated fire route
  • vehicle obstructing snow clearing and/or removal of snow/debris
  • vehicle illegally parked in a reserved permit space without permit owner’s permission
  • vehicle has been identified as violating the University Parking Regulations and one warning or two previous violation notices have been served on the operator of the vehicle.

A vehicle may be towed and impounded at the owner’s risk and expense OFF-CAMPUS to the towing company’s premises for the following reasons:

  • continuous disregard for parking regulations
  • continued use of permit areas after cancellation of parking permit
  • vehicle not claimed after 30 days of on-campus impoundment.

Release of Impounded Vehicles

No impounded vehicle will be released until identification and proof of vehicle ownership has been satisfied to the releasing authority – please refer to the Carleton University Parking and Traffic Regulations for further advice and details. Booting/towing charges are payable at the time of vehicle release. If the vehicle has been towed off-campus, arrangements for release must be made directly with the towing service concerned by the operator of the vehicle. Gervais Towing & Recovery is the primary external towing agency used by Carleton University for towing services when requested/required by Parking Services.

Gervais Towing & Recovery
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