After-Hours/Weekend Permit Holder Parking (Library and P18 Parking Garages)

All parking permit holders may park in their assigned surface parking lot overnight with the exception of the period Nov. 15th – Apr. 15th, when Winter Parking Restrictions apply.

Parking Services is pleased to offer all campus permit holders the convenience and safety of parking in a covered parking structure during off-peak periods. For example, a Lot P7 (Anniversary Park) permit holder can park in the Library Garage (levels 2-3) after 5PM (Monday to Friday) until 7AM the following morning and all-day on Saturday/Sunday and University recognized holidays with their Lot P7 permit credential/designation.

Designated parking areas where this accommodation exists for permit holders after 5PM (Monday to Friday) and on weekends are as follows:

  • LGAR (Library Garage) – Levels 2-3 only
    • Located under the MacOdrum Library with access from Lot P1.
  • P18 (North Garage) – All Levels
    • Located between Lot P6/P7 with access from Campus Avenue.

This accommodation/privilege for permit holders does not extend to any visitor/pay parking area on the University campus. Visitor parking spaces must always be maintained for public users attending special events and other public bookings on campus.

Please keep in mind that Level 1 in LGAR (Library Garage) becomes a visitor/pay parking area after 5pm Monday – Friday and all day on weekends.

University employees with parking permits may also utilize parking mobility through the Healthy Workplace Program which allows them to park in P5 at certain times through the day in order to use the Athletics facilities.

Parking Services reminds all parking users to be safety aware and to protect yourself when you are going out.