Sheri Albers Mathematics A Study of Multinomial Multilevel Logistic Regression with Application to US Census Data on Health Insurance
Eihab Saatialsoruji Computer Science Metaphoric-based Visual Analytic System for Building Emergency Evacuation Planning
Bruce Wallace Systems and Computer Engineering Big Data Analytics: Distinguishing Features of Older Drivers with Stable Cognitive and Physical Health
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Dave McKenney Computer Science Influence Network Prediction with Transfer Entropy
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Brad Barnes and Trevor Deley Systems and Computer Engineering / Biology Using Sentiment Analysis to Predict Yelp Restaurant Review Scores
Felipe Dargent Biology A Theoretical Assessment of the Mechanisms by which Biodiversity Enhances or Constrains the Risk of Infectious Diseases
Anshuman Biswas Systems and Computer Engineering Proactive and Reactive Auto-scaling: A Comparative Analysis
Eric Farquharson Economics / Data Science CKCU Radio Station Project
Weidong Li Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Research on Gearbox Fault Detection
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Ayman Sabbah Systems and Computer Engineering Increasing the Lifetime of Internet of Things (IoT) Networks by Integrating Energy Harvesting and Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
Peter Simonyi Computer Science Supporting “What-If” in Touch-Screen Web Applications