Other researchers at the Centre are studying remote-sensing, multisensory cartography, open-source technology and interoperability, the management of geographic information and the Global Map project. Complementing the research at the Centre is the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory which advances habitat modelling, mapping and species conservation science. With a directorship shared by four researchers in Geography, Biology and the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada, it is the epitome of the interconnected synergistic research that Carleton researchers are committed to. In fact, not only are our researchers working with colleagues in other departments, but Carleton researchers are also reaching out to colleagues at other universities. Dr. Jörg-Rüdiger Sack and Dr. Anil Maheswari are members of the NCE GEOIDE (GEOmatics for Informed Decision Network), a four-university research team that has insights into computer architecture, computer science and geomatic application areas. The researchers are accessing the value of geomatic systems to improve their performance, positively affecting the productivity and competitiveness of sections of Canadian industry dealing with spatial and geographical data. By using parallel and distributed computing research methods, these Carleton researchers are not only adding to a new dimension to Geomatics research but merging two areas of importance and high potential.