Certain researchers at the Centre study remote-sensing, multisensory cartography, open-source technology and interoperability, the management of geographic information and the Global Map project. Complementing the research at the Centre is the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory, which advances habitat modelling, mapping and species conservation science. With a directorship shared by four researchers in Geography, Biology and the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada, it is the epitome of the interconnected synergistic research to which Carleton researchers are committed. Dr. Jörg-Rüdiger Sack and Dr. Doron Nussbaum carry out research in this field. In fact, not only are our researchers working with colleagues in other departments, but Carleton researchers are also reaching out to colleagues at other universities. Through recent advances in technology such as navigation systems, mobile devices, changing user demands and new software such as Mapquest and Google Earth, the field of GIS is becoming increasingly important and also very interesting from a computer science perspective. In computer science, our research deals with algorithmic issues for solving GIS problems.