About cuPortfolio

cuPortfolio is a tool that helps students:

  • Document their learning, skills, accomplishments and progress
  • Reflect on their learning and professional growth
  • Engage in integrative learning – making connections between academic, professional and personal experiences
  • Personalize their learning – take control and be active agents in their own learning
  • Identify and articulate competencies developed throughout their education
  • Provide evidence of their academic and professional experiences
  • Develop an academic and professional identity

Examples of student cuPortfolio pages

cuPortfolio Features

Personal Learning Environment

A student’s cuPortfolio account is their own online space where they have control over their learning. They create and upload the content, organize and choose the layout of their portfolio, and decide exactly who has access to the content.

Customized Privacy and Sharing

Students have complete control over how private their cuPortfolio content is. They can keep their portfolio private, share it with only one or two people, share it with a group of people, or make their portfolio available to the public.

Multiple Portfolios

Students can create multiple portfolios within their account. They can create a portfolio for each of their courses while maintaining a program-based portfolio and/or a professional portfolio for job applications.

File Repository

cuPortfolio keeps a repository of all of the files a user uploads to their account. This enables students to quickly and easily use content in multiple portfolios.

Online Integration

If a student already has work online, they can import or embed their content in cuPortfolio. They can include a variety of media and online content, including pictures, videos, documents, blogs, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

Peer Review and Collaboration

Peers can provide feedback on each other’s work within cuPortfolio and collaborate to create portfolios together.

Social Networking

Peers and friends can connect with each other on cuPortfolio. Users can create groups to organize, discuss and work on group projects, or to connect with special interest groups.

Access Content after Graduation

Students can export their portfolios created in cuPortfolio and import them to a free public account or website builder so they can continue to update and use their portfolios after they graduate.