AAEEBL – The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning 

Catalyst for Learning – ePortfolio Resources and Research

ePortfolios Explained – University of Waterloo

ePortfolio Grading Rubrics

International Journal of ePortfolio

JISC infoNet ePortfolio infoKit 

JISC Effective Practice with e-Portfolios: Supporting 21st century learning

The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research

Instructor Guides

Documenting learning with ePortfolios: A guide for college instructors – Light, Chen, & Ittelson

Instructor Concept Guide – from the Australian ePortfolio Toolkit

Instructor Support for Integrating ePortfolios – University of Waterloo

Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning – Reynolds & Patton

Support for Instructors using Mahara – Southampton Solent University


Encouraging and stimulating review and reflection – MOSEP (More Self Esteem with my ePortfolio)

Reflection and Electronic Portfolios in Electronic Portfolios 2.0: Emergent Research on Implementation and Impact – Kathleen Blake Yancey

Reflection for Learning – Helen Barrett

Reflection, Integration, and ePortfolio Pedagogy – Bret Eynon, Laura M. Gambino & Judit Török

Reflective Pedagogy Practices – Catalyst for Learning

The Critical Thinking Community

Book chapter: Self-regulated learning from Meta-Assignment in Creating Self-regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-awareness and Learning Skills – Linda Burzott Nilson

Using Reflection for Assessment – University of Iowa

Student guide: Reflective Writing – Wilfrid Laurier University

Further reading on ePortfolios & Reflection


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