Welcome to the cuPortfolio Help Centre. Here you will find documentation and video tutorials to help you create, maintain and share your cuPortfolios. You can navigate through the documentation using the search bar above or the left hand navigation. If you require further assistance, please request support orĀ contact us.

Featured Topics


Create a Page
Add Content to a Page
Working with Tables
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Add Image to a Page
Add a Description to an Image
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Embed a Youtube Video
Embed a Twitter Feed
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Create a Collection
Copy a Collection (Template)
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Sharing a Page or Collection
Create a Secret URL or Public Link
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Submitting Assignments

Submit through cuLearn
Submit within cuPortfolio
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cuPortfolio Tips

  1. Textbox Toolbar – learn how to display the full toolbar in the text box
  2. Duplicate Pages and Collections – learn how to remove extra pages and collections to keep your account organized
  3. Add a Caption to an Image – learn how to add a caption to an image using the description field
  4. Create Custom Header – learn how to create a custom text header to define sections of your page

Video Tutorials