1. Log In
  2. Your Dashboard

Log In

1. Go to the URL https://tlc.carleton.ca/mahara/
2. Use your MyCarletonOne login information
3. Click Login

Note: It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to operate cuPortfolio.

Your Dashboard

The Dashboard page is the landing page when you first login to cuPortfolio. You can navigate to anywhere in your cuPortfolio account through the Dashboard Page.

The menu is in the top right hand corner of the page and is collapsible. Click on it to display the different sections of the site. Using these tabs you can access and edit your profile, edit and create content, create and organize portfolios, share your portfolios, and connect with others on cuPortfolio.

If you need help using cuPortfolio, there are quick links on the Dashboard and sidebar to the cuPortfolio Support website, the Mahara User Guide, and the cuPortfolio Support Group.

There is a helpful “getting started” box on the Dashboard with links to start using cuPortfolio (see below). The boxes are quick links to areas within your account that you will likely use often. You can remove this box by clicking on the X at the top right corner.

The default Dashboard also includes several categories of quick links (see below)

  1. The My Pages block lists all of the pages you have created
  2. The Latest Pages block lists all recent pages you have created or that have been shared with you
  3. The Inbox block displays all of your recent notifications
  4. The Topics I Am Following block shows recent posts on group forums

You can change the blocks and customize your dashboard if you would like. You can do this by clicking the Edit dashboard button above the Inbox category (see below)

At the top right corner of the Dashboard page there are several links (see below)

  1. Your name brings you to your profile page
  2. The settings button gives you access to your account settings and notifications
  3. The mailbox connects you to your inbox and notifications
  4. Logout is where you click to log out of your current session
  5. The search bar can be used to search for a user on cuPortfolio

On the right side of the Dashboard there are blocks containing links and profile information

  1. In the first block (see below) there is:
    1. Your name brings you to your profile page.
    2. A list of all of the groups you are a member of.
    3. Your profile photo.

b. In the second block (see below) there is a list of all of the online cuPortfolio users.

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