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  2. MyCarletonOne Account Administration
  3. Carleton Central Account
  4. Accounts for University of Ottawa Students
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ITS manages and supports several computer accounts at Carleton. You are responsible for the safety of your own accounts. Never respond to email requests for your password, even if the email appears to come from Carleton.  We will never ask for your password via email.

MyCarletonOne Account

Your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account grants you access to the following IT services on campus using one username and one password:

  • Computers on CUNET (your workstation, e-kiosks, computers in labs)
  • Banner / FAST
  • Carleton’s wireless networks
  • VPN
  • Carleton360
  • Brightspace
  • Video on Demand
  • Exchange for Faculty and Staff
  • Carleton’s Content Management System (CCMS)
  • Travel and Expense

MyCarletonOne Account Administration

Visit our Online Help Centre for assistance with setting up your MyCarletonOne account, changing your password, and renaming your account.

Carleton Central Account

Carleton Central provides online services for students and employees at Carleton University. Once you’ve set up your MyCarletonOne account, you can access Carleton Central from Carleton360.

Students will find everything you need to review your admission application, register for courses, change your address, view your student record, and more. 

Employees will find information on payroll, benefits, and more.

Carleton Central contains secure information.  Unless otherwise noted, any information you enter or change will become effective immediately.  You are responsible for any changes made using your ID.  Please verify the success of your activities after changes have been made.  All personal data is to remain confidential and you should not share your PIN with others.

For how to videos and for more information about Carleton Central, please visit the Registrar’s website.

Accounts for University of Ottawa Students

If you are a student from the University of Ottawa and are taking one or more credit courses at Carleton, you can obtain a MyCarletonOne account. The account will last for the duration of the course and enable you to participate in MyCarleton course discussion groups, email, and Brightspace (if applicable).

If you have a Carleton student card, you can follow the regular procedure to activate your MyCarletonOne account.

University of Ottawa exchange graduate students: Once you have your Carleton Student number, you can follow the regular procedure to activate your MyCarletonOne account .

University of Ottawa-Carleton Joint Institute graduate students: The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs manages Brightspace access for Joint-Program courses taught at Carleton University. Students will automatically gain access to Brightspace and receive an email with Brightspace login information within 2 business days of registration in a Joint-Program Carleton University course. Please visit FGPA’s Brightspace Access page for detailed information.

Account and Password News