Our Partners

On a daily basis, Carleton University interacts with a broad range of partners, suppliers-vendors, organizations and associations. As such, these serve the university in a number of ways, depending on the complexity of the relationship that is in place. These relationships range in complexity from the very simple – a strict vendor relationship – to multi-faceted and complex. The goal of our Partner Plan is to encourage Finance and Administration to explore how, and whether, its partnerships can grow and develop beyond their original purposes to benefit both the university as well as the external partner.


CISCO logo

Cisco provides world-class, intelligent network solutions, which are key to enabling the learning and teaching goals of Carleton University. With the help of a grant from Cisco, Carleton’s Mohamed Ibnkahlais (Cisco Research Chair in the Internet of Thingsis working on new, innovative sensor networks and technologies. This partnership promotes research and development excellence, and enhances Carleton’s position as a world-class centre of research.


Carleton University has partnered with IBM to provide high performance computing resources for the Carleton research community. Researchers have access to robust data science and analytics tools as well as a development environment for creating and testing applications. By bringing together the best people with the best technology, Carleton and IBM are defining what it means to be a leading research university.


Microsoft logo

Microsoft provides Carleton University with email and collaboration tools through their O365 suite of cloud-based services. In addition, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology allows for greater access to software and more interactive content without the restrictions of a traditional computer lab. Together these services create a flexible, innovative and collaborative teaching and learning environment at Carleton.