Welcome to Carleton University!

At Information Technology Services (ITS) we provide support and services to the campus as a whole.

Technical Support

We are here to help!  For technical support:

Your Computing Account

As a new graduate student, you have been provided  a MyCarletonOne Account which you’ll need to activate.   This account gives you access to:

Your Email – @cMail address

Every Computing Account comes with a Carleton Email account which is accessed through Carleton360.  As a student, this is your official Carleton email that the university uses to communicate important information to you.

Reducing Spam

At ITS we provide filtering of incoming spam e-mail messages on Carleton University’s primary e-mail gateway.

Some tips on reducing spam:

  1. Do not open an email that looks like Spam.
  2. Do not reply to a Spam message.
  3. Do not make your e-mail address available on web pages.
  4. Guard your e-mail address carefully –  read any terms of use and privacy statements before handing over your email address.

Software Available from ITS

ITS licensed software, including Microsoft Office 365 for home use.

Classroom Support

Faculty and students in need of Electronic Classroom technical support should contact Instructional Media Services (IMS) at 613-520-3815.

Brightspace is Carleton’s new Learning Management System (LMS).

The Educational Development Centre provides faculty and teaching assistants with pedagogical support as well as technological teaching tools and resources to enhance the learning experience for students.

Your Network Connection

The Carleton University wireless network is currently available in key locations across campus. Wireless signs are posted.  The following services are available: CU-Wireless and Eduroam.

  • CU-Wireless provides encrypted (secure) access. Generally used to access private drives and printers, as well as to the Internet.
  • Carleton University students, staff and faculty should only use the eduroam network while at partner institutions. While on campus, please use the CU-Wireless network.

Network Files

When connected to the Carleton network from your desktop system, you have access to the following network drives for file storage:

  • P: drive with a maximum of 500MB storage and not publicly shared.
  • W: drive with no set maximum storage but shared amongst all departmental users

Accessing Network Files Off Campus

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software is required for access to Carleton University resources that are restricted to on-campus use. The VPN client software provides a secure encrypted channel from your home to the campus and allows access to many campus restricted resources.

  • OneDrive: 5 TB (5000 GB) of Cloud-accessible storage, stored in Microsoft’s Canadian data centres in Toronto and Quebec City.

Stay Informed

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