M365 - OneDrive for Business

Staff/Faculty’s and Students’ OneDrive for Business accounts provide cloud-accessible storage, stored in Microsoft’s Canadian data centres in Toronto and Quebec City.

– Staff / Faculty receive 5 TB of cloud storage
– Students & Contract Instructors receive 100 GB of cloud storage
*Note: Students lose their M365 license upon graduation which removes access to their CU OneDrive account

  • Backup insurance: If your computer breaks or is stolen, you can access the files that were online as well as those in your sync’d folder, from any replacement computer/phone/tablet.
  • Web accessible: You can access your files through onedrive.live.com
  • Offline accessible: You can use the desktop app to sync your cloud files with a folder on your laptop
  • Supported: If you need assistance, Carleton’s Service Desk can help.
  • Secure: Use your MyCarletonOne (MC1) account name and password; files are encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Work-Life separation: Store your Carleton work files onOneDrive for Business, separately from any personal OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Docs account.
  • Filesharing: You can share files with others by setting permissions (however, we recommend that staff/faculty to use Microsoft Teams for shared files, and OneDrive for individual files).