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M365 Email

Exchange Online IconCarleton provides email services for students, staff, and faculty, using M365, Microsoft’s 365 suite (formerly Microsoft Office 365 suite).

Currently supported M365 « extras »

Microsoft’s 365 suite includes « extras » to enhance email communications. Some of these « extras » overlap with existing University services, and their promotion would divert support from existing services. Carleton’s IT Service Desk continuously monitors end-user feedback and currently supports a subset of M365 “extras.”

Supported M365 «extras »: eMail, OneDrive, Teams, Bookings (in-pilot)

Currently unsupported M365 « extras   »

The following Microsoft 365 « extras, » are available as-is — they have not been documented or piloted; nor has the IT Service Desk been trained in their use. Reliance on these « extras » is not recommended for departmental business processes:

Unsupported M365 « extras »

If there is an M365 « extra » listed above that you feel would be important to your departmental, committee, or research processes, please share this with the Service Desk, the Teaching and Learning committee, or the Administrative Computing committee.