Welcome to Carleton University!

At Information Technology Services (ITS) we provide support and services to the campus as a whole, while Computing Support Units (CSUs) and Campus IT Providers support personnel work within each Faculty.

Technical Support

We are here to help!  For technical support:

We also encourage you to visit our list of Campus IT Providers for additional contact information.

Your MyCarletonOne Account

Your MyCarletonOne account is your access to the core IT systems you require to do your job.  Your Department Administrator, CSU or Dean submits a request to the ITS Service Desk to set up your account at the time of your hire.  You must change your password immediately as the default password is not secure and will expire.

Once you’ve changed your password, you will use your MyCarletonOne account to access:

Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Azure MFA is a two-factor authentication solution that all new Faculty and Staff are automatically enrolled in.  Once configured, you will login to Carleton systems using something you know (your MyCarletonOne password) plus something you have (your phone, tablet, landline, hardware token).

Using Azure MFA (with video)

More information can be found here or by contacting the ITS Service Desk.

Your Computer

ITS offers a selection of computers and accessories at special academic prices designed to meet your needs.  Your Computing Support Unit (CSU) is your point of contact for getting your workstation set up. Once you are set up if you have any hardware related issues, please contact your CSU or the Hardware Services Group.

Each computer is configured with the Standard Image. We also license and distribute useful site licensed software.

Your Email – @cunet address

Faculty and staff at Carleton are provided with an Exchange mailbox, complete with calendaring features.  You can access your Exchange mailbox at your workstation using the Outlook program or via a web browser.

Your actual email address is FirstnameLastname@cunet.carleton.ca. For your convenience an email alias of the form: Firstname.Lastname@carleton.ca is automatically created for you. Use your email alias on your business card or website. Any mail addressed to your email alias will be delivered to your actual email address.

Mailbox size is 50 GB.

Your Telephone

Voice Services is your point of contact for all telephone related services.  At ITS we have a number of voice over ip phones (voIP) that you may choose from.  We also provide additional services such as conference on Demand, Audio Conferencing and long distance calling cards for researchers.  For assistance with your phone you can contact the ITS Service Desk.

Your Network Connection

The Carleton University wireless network is currently available in key locations across campus. Wireless signs are posted.  There are two services available, CU-Wireless and Eduroam.

  • CU-Wireless provides encrypted (secure) access. Generally used to access private drives and printers, as well as to the Internet.
  • Carleton University students, staff and faculty should only use the Eduroam network while at partner institutions. While on campus, please use the CU-Wireless network.

Accessing Network Files on Campus

When connected to the Carleton network from your desktop system, you gain access to the following network drives:

  • P: drive with a maximum of 500MB storage and not publicly shared.
  • W: drive with no set maximum storage but shared among all departmental users

Accessing Network Files Off Campus

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software is required for access to Carleton University resources that are restricted to on-campus use. The VPN client software provides a secure encrypted channel from your home to the campus.

  • OneDrive: 5 TB (5000 GB) of Cloud-accessible storage, stored in Microsoft’s Canadian data centres in Toronto and Quebec City.

Software Available to Staff

ITS licensed software, including Microsoft Office 365 for home use.

Emergency Notification System

Carleton ENS is the University’s electronic emergency-notification system.  ENS is used to alert and inform the Carleton community in the event of a major incident or campus emergency. ENS alerts are automatically sent to desktop/laptop computers on campus and Carleton email accounts.

Stay Informed

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