It’s now easier than ever to register for Carleton’s Emergency Notification System.

The ENS allows the Campus Safety Services to contact a mass number of people in the event of a campus-wide emergency that requires action by members of the Carleton community. It uses three forms of communication to deliver instructional messages should an emergency occur:

  • a computer screen notification
  • emails sent to Carleton addresses (e.g.,, and;
  • push notification via the Carleton Mobile app (more information is available here)

Please note: ENS alerts are automatically sent to desktop/laptop computers on campus and Carleton email accounts.

NEW! Windows and Mac clients are now available. Carleton community members not using the standard campus image can now download Windows and Mac clients of the ENS software below:

Service Disruption Notification System:

If you would like to subscribe to receive Service Disruption alerts, please log into Carleton Central at: Once you are in the main menu, locate “Campus Alerts” and select the Service Disruption Notification link. You must have previously registered your cellphone number on the ENS to receive Service Disruption alerts.

Subscribers to this service will receive a text message from Facilities Management and Planning in the event of an unplanned service disruption on campus such as: road, pathway or building closures, and if elevator service is unavailable in a building.

External Departments or Organizations:

**** External departments or organizations who wish to receive Emergency Notification System notifications must print and fill out an ENS External Registration Form providing your email address. External entities may also download the Carleton Mobile app which will allow you to receive Emergency Notifications and access information about emergency procedures. Completed forms are to be delivered to 203 Robertson Hall. Please be aware that you may be required to provide identification at this time. The form can be accessed here: ENS Phone – External Registry Form.

For more information about Carleton University’s Emergency Notification System, call 613-520-2600, ext. 8535.