1. ENS Desktop Application
    1. Windows ENS Desktop Client
    2. Mac ENS Desktop Client
  2. ENS Registration for Non-Carleton Community Members

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) allows the university to contact a mass number of people in the event of a campus-wide emergency that requires action by members of the Carleton community. It uses three forms of communication to deliver instructional messages should an emergency occur:

  • a computer screen notification
  • emails sent to Carleton addresses (e.g. @cmail.carleton.ca, @cunet.carleton.ca, @carleton.ca) and;
  • push notification via Carleton Mobile

Please note: ENS alerts are automatically sent to Carleton emails and Carleton desktop/laptop computers.

ENS Desktop Application

Desktop and laptop computers with Carleton’s standard computer image will have the ENS Desktop Application installed and updated through updates implemented across CUNET-joined devices. Carleton staff and faculty not using Carleton’s standard computer image can download the ENS desktop client for Windows and Mac devices.

Windows ENS Desktop Client

System Requirements: Windows 7 or later, .NET Framework 5 (included), Internet Access

Windows ENS Desktop Client

Mac ENS Desktop Client

System Requirements: Mac OS X Version 10.12 (Sierra) or later, Internet Access

Mac ENS Desktop Client

ENS Desktop Client Installation Instructions for Windows and Mac Devices

ENS Registration for Non-Carleton Community Members

(On-Campus Tenants, Contractors, and Organizations)

For non-Carleton community members who wish to receive communications through Carleton’s Emergency Notification System, you can stay informed by:

  • Downloading the ENS Desktop Client for your device
  • Downloading Carleton Mobile to receive push notifications
  • Registering emails through the Non-Carleton Email Registration form

NOTE: This information will be used by university officials for the purpose of mass communications during an emergency only.

If you have questions about Carleton University’s Emergency Notification System, please contact us at emco@carleton.ca.