The Carleton Emergency Response Team (CERT), formerly known as Fire Wardens, is a team of Carleton community members that have volunteered to provide assistance during emergencies. This program has been expanded to encompass all types of emergencies. Various facilities on campus have designated CERT Team Leaders and CERT Team Members that have been trained in basic emergency and disaster response skills. CERT members assist with various tasks during or after an emergency, including:

  • Guiding community members to safety
  • Acting as a liaison with Office of Risk Management staff, Campus Safety Services, or First Responders during an emergency
  • Distribution of emergency supplies
  • Preliminary damage assessments
  • Debris management
  • Scene support
  • Assisting with emergency exercises

Each CERT member is expected to complete a series of training modules. The training consists of:

  • Module 1: Introduction and Personal Preparedness
  • Module 2: Fire Safety

NEW Modules Coming Soon…

  • Module 3: Emergency Response Basics, Operations and Local Hazards
  • Module 4: Severe Weather and Local Hazard Awareness
  • Module 5: Light Search and Rescue
  • Module 6: Disaster Injury and Psychological Aid

The CERT program is actively recruiting and is currently looking for volunteers. If you would like to learn more about the program or if you would like to volunteer, please contact our team at