About EMCO

Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations (EMCO) is the office within the Office of Risk Management that supports Carleton University and the campus community in the mitigation; prevention; preparedness; response; and recovery from emergency events, critical incidents, and business disruptions.

Our office saw its early beginnings as part of Campus Safety Services at Carleton University following an initial EMCO project to enhance Carleton’s emergency management capabilities. Recently, EMCO transitioned to the Office of Risk Management, joining with Environmental Health & Safety and Risk & Insurance.

EMCO consists of three major portfolios, including business continuity, emergency management, and fire protection, as well our team advises and provides subject matter expertise to the Carleton community on a wide range of topics including training, situational awareness, response capabilities, and action plans.

Business Continuity Portfolio

The Business Continuity Portfolio is responsible for the coordination and administration of the enterprise-wide business continuity program, which supports Carleton University and all units with the preparation for and management of unplanned business disruptions. This portfolio consists of a comprehensive program that includes, plan development and implementation; program administration, plan tracking and maintenance; and an effective awareness, training, and exercise program.

Emergency Management Portfolio

The Emergency Management Portfolio is designed to assist Carleton University within the pillars of emergency management, including the prevention/mitigation of; preparedness for; response to; and recovery from emergencies and critical incidents. This includes the management of a comprehensive program that consists of the development of emergency and risk action plans; effective emergency communications; public education initiatives; building strong community connections; and various other initiatives that seek to build up Carleton University’s capabilities and our community’s resiliency.

Fire Protection Portfolio

The Fire Protection Portfolio is responsible for the coordination, management, and compliance verification of fire suppression, fire prevention, and fire and life safety efforts at Carleton University. To ensure a safe campus for all, we take proactive steps, such as procedure implementation, regular inspections, and training, to prevent/mitigate the impacts of fire-related emergencies. This portfolio also coordinates the training and administration of the Carleton Emergency Response Team to support emergencies and critical incidents.