1. 1. Use a Web browser
  2. 2. Use MS Office
  3. 3. Use the OneDrive app

You can log into your OneDrive for Business in three different ways:

  1. Web browser
  2. MS Office
  3. OneDrive app

1. Use a Web browser

2. Use MS Office

  • MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote) can save and open directly into your OneDrive for Business Cloud storage.
    After selecting the File or Save menus, select OneDrive, and login using your full Carleton email address, username@cunet.carleton.ca (staff/faculty) or username@cmail.carleton.ca (student), and password.

3. Use the OneDrive app

  • You can downlad the OneDrive app onto your computer if you wish to have offline access to your files.
    • PC User
      • Carleton imaged computer
        • The OneDrive app included in Carleton’s Windows 10 image can log into both your OneDrive for Business cloud storage, as well, if you have one, your personal OneDrive account, and sync your cloud files onto your local PC drive. You can find OneDrive app, alphabetically listed, under the Windows 10 start menu.
      • Personal/home computer
        • If you have already installed the Microsoft O365 suite of apps on your computer with your Carleton account, then you already have the OneDrive app installed.
        • If you have not already installed the Microsoft O365 suite of apps, you can follow the instructions here.
    • Mac user
  • Login using your MC1 username@cunet.carleton.ca (staff/faculty) or username@cmail.carleton.ca (student)
  • Your OneDrive for Business files will be sync’d to the local folder “OneDrive – Carleton University“, located in your home directory.

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