We each have a role to play in keeping our information, and ourselves safe online.

Here are some easy ways to keep you and your information safe:

  1. Never share your passwords. If someone does not have a password to gain access to a resource, they probably were not supposed to have it in the first place.
  2. Do not open suspicious email. If you receive an e-mail message from an unknown person that contains an attachment, do not open it. The e-mail may contain a virus.
  3. Lock your computer when you walk away. For Windows users, be sure to use the “Ctrl-Alt-Del” function to prevent someone from using your computer when you step away from your desk.
  4. Protect information stored on external media. Take steps to properly erase and dispose of external media such as CD-ROMs, diskettes, or USB flash drives.
  5. Protect information stored on your computer. Store data on your network drive and not on your computer’s hard drive (e.g. C:drive).

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