Along with our new name (ITS), we are also happy to introduce our new Online Help Centre. This is where you will now go to find documentation, video tutorials, and FAQs to help you do you what you need to do – such as connecting to the CU-Wireless, changing your MyCarletonOne password, setting up your voicemail, and more.

Most notably, the new knowledge base features:

  • Updated Documentation: All of the content has been reviewed and updated, including some new video tutorials.
  • Focused Navigation:This site is for documentation and documentation only. As such, the navigation is clear and focused.
  • Prominent Search: Easily search for the docs you need from the homepage and from the top of every page.
  • Time stamps: Each page shows when the doc was last updated. This helps us make sure that our docs are kept up to date.
  • Built in feedback:We love to hear your feedback, which you can now provide at the bottom of every page.

Check out the new Online Help Centre now.