At Carleton we often see phishing emails that appear to be from addresses, when in fact they are fake accounts created with malicious intent. These emails often encourage the recipient to click on a link and provide sensitive information, like their username and password.

To better protect Carleton staff, faculty, and students against these threats, ITS will be implementing external email tagging.  Starting on May 6, all emails received from senders outside the CUNET network will be marked with [External Email].

After May 6, if you receive an email that appears to be from an email address, but has been marked [External Email], it’s a warning that the email may not be legitimate.

In addition, email that have links in them will also include the following ‘tag’ or warning, at the bottom of messages.

Text in warning message reads: Caution: This email contains links to content or websites. Always be cautious when clicking on external links or attachments. If in doubt, please forward suspicious emails to

It’s important to note that an email message with this warning does not necessarily mean the email is malicious – only that the recipient should take caution before clicking any links or attachments included within the email.

For questions or additional information, please email the ITS Service Desk at or call 520-3700.