This month we will be replacing the current system that powers MyCarletonOne with Oracle Identity Management (OIM).

As a result, the MyCarletonOne login screen (at will have an updated look and feel.

Impact to staff, faculty, students, and retirees:

Your username and password will remain the same, however the next time you login to to change your password you will be prompted to select new security questions.

Impact to new users (applicants and new employees):

This pertains to anyone who has been provided a default MyCarletonOne password. In the current system, they are advised to login to Carleton Central using their default password to set up their account. Once the new system is in place, new users will be directed to to change their password and select their security questions.  Once they’ve set up their account, they can proceed to Carleton Central via a link from within

Answers to Some Questions you May Have..

Will the password rules change?

  • No, the password requirements will remain the same.

Will the password expiry policy of 120 days for staff change?

  • No, the policy will remain the same.

Why do I have to select new security questions?

  • With the new system comes new questions.  The good news is there will be more questions to choose from.  Please note, you can’t have the same answer for more than one question and your responses must be at least three characters.

Any further questions or comments can be directed to the ITS Service Desk at or 520-3700.