It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month! This is a time to help better understand the cyber threats we face online and the simple steps we can take to minimize those risks. Today we’re talking about protecting your Carleton credentials.

You may have read that the user account information at websites AdobeLinkedIn andDropbox had been compromised (to name a few).

If you have used your Carleton credentials on sites outside of Carleton, particularly on the above mentioned sites, your account information may have been compromised. (You can check using

ITS recommends that if you must use your Carleton email address as the login on an external website, that you do not use your Carleton password.  It is also good practice to change your passwords often (ITS recommends every 120 days).

Keep your Carleton credentials safe by only using them with Carleton or Carleton affiliated systems.

IT Security: Our Shared Responsibility

We all have a key role to play in keeping our home computers and personal devices secure online. We also play a big part in keeping our businesses safe from cyber threats.  To learn more about Cyber Security Awareness Month, check out the Get Cyber Safeand the Stay Safe Online websites.