To give access to people who are not users on cuPortfolio to view your portfolio, you can create a secret URL. It is published as a unlisted webpage meaning that in order to view the page, a person must have the link to the portfolio and the portfolio will not come up on an internet search.

To create a secret URL:

1. On the Dashboard page, hover your mouse over Portfolio and click Shared by me

Screenshot of dashboard menu, shared by me highlighted

2. Click the Lock button of the collection or page you would like to make the secret URL for

Screenshot of shared by me page, zoomed in on collection listing, lock button highlighted

3. Click Add

Screenshot of secret URL page

4. Copy the URL

Screenshot of secret URL page, copy URL button highlighted

4. If you would like, you can change the access start and end time. To do this, click the Edit pencil button of the URL (see below step 1)

a. Change the start and end times (see below step 2)

b. Press Save (see below step 3)

Screenshot of secret URL page, access start and end times highlighted