Photo of Olga Antsygina

Olga Antsygina

PhD Student, Research Assistant

Degrees:Master of Public Health (University of South Florida) Certified General Medical Practitioner of the Russian Federation (Lomonosov Moscow State University) Doctor of Medicine (I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University)

Olga is a Ph.D. student in Health Sciences from January 2020, studying with Dr. Mark Tremblay at the HALO Lab at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, co-supervised by Dr. Paul Peters. Her research is devoted to childhood health and development in Russia, Mongolia, Singapore, Tanzania, and Canada; and it is a part of the global SUNRISE project whose ultimate goals are obesity prevention and development of global guidelines for physical activity, sedentary and sleep time for children.

The primary aim of the research is to assess the relationships among body weight status, physical and cognitive development, and sleep indicators of 4-year-old children.

The secondary aims are: to assess awareness of the parents about the WHO global guidelines for physical activity, sedentary and sleep time for the early years; to compare and contrast samples in countries with climate challenges for outdoor physical activity (cold, darkness, heat, high humidity); to develop country-specific recommendations for parents and healthcare workers for healthy early childhood movement behaviors promotion.

Her work in the Spatial Determinants of Health Lab is focused on the identification of barriers for eHealthservices implementation in rural communities.