Photo of Owen McVeigh

Owen McVeigh

BHSc Honours Student, Research Intern

Owen is a 4th-year Health Sciences student with a concentration in Environment and Health. Owen initially enrolled in the Environmental Science program, switching programs after first year. Owen is dedicated to helping other students and and is an SSSC Peer Mentor and part of the Community Team.

Outside of school, sports have always been a big part of his life. Growing up, Owen played lacrosse, softball, and golf in the summer months and hockey in the winter. Owen began working with our lab in the summer of 2020 through the Spatial Determinants Research Internship (SDRI) program. He is working on analyzing air pollution and potential genetic influence on autism / ADHD / OCD and will be continuing similar work for my fourth-year honour’s thesis. In his third year he participated in the Job Shadow Program at Carleton and shadowed a Research Scientist for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Owen takes pride in volunteering in the Carleton community and has participated as a Paul Menton Centre Volunteer NoteTaker and also found great opportunities through Carleton’s Volunteer Bureau, such as a skating instructor for children living with physical and developmental disabilities.

His biggest piece of advice for incoming students is that you are not alone. Everyone who has gone through first year, including myself can attest to how intimidating and or challenging the transition into university may seem. However, over the years by getting involved at Carleton I have learned that there are so many great resources and people that the university has to offer for all students. My involvement in these activities has really shaped my university experience for the better and has given me so much confidence in myself that would not have happened otherwise.