Our Collaborative Specialization in Digital Humanities will help you to rethink how digital technologies are changing our understanding of art, film, music, literature and popular culture; to explore how new media are shaping our global communities, intercultural dialogued, and individual and collective identities; and to learn what new scholarly tools are available for studying and interpreting these developments. We offer more breadth in this area than any other Canadian program, accepting applicants from thirteen different Master’s programs at Carleton: Anthropology, Applied Linguistic and Discourse Studies, Art History, Canadian Studies, English Language and Literature, Film Studies, French and Francophone Studies, History, Music and Culture, Public History, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Sociology.

Students will undertake original research in their home disciplines while engaging with students and faculty from across the university. Those who opt for the practicum component will have the opportunity to work closely with public and private-sector partners who rely heavily on digital media, including partners in the entertainment, media production, library and archives, museum, digital gaming, travel and tourism, advertising and technical writing sectors.

The DH Coordinator for 2023-2024 is Professor Shawn Graham.

Capital Advantage

Our program capitalizes on Carleton’s unique location in the National Capital Region (NCR). The National Capital Region is home to hundreds of game developers, media production facilities, social media companies and digital start-ups, as well as Library and Archives Canada and a host of museums, all of which are undertaking large digital projects that will require expertise in this field.