Minor in Digital Humanities (4.0 credits)

The Minor is open to all undergraduate students not in the English BA Honours Concentration in Creative Writing or the English BA Honours Concentration in Drama Studies.

Course Descriptions for Fall 2022/Winter 2023

DIGH 2705A SOCI 2705A Course Outline Winter 2023 Phillip Primeau

DIGH/HIST 3812 Fall 2022 Course Outline Shawn Graham

DIGH 3700/AFRI 3200 Winter 2023 Course Outline Chambi Chacage

DIGH 3001/ ENGL 3401 Winter 2023 Course Outline Micheline White

DIGH 4002A ENGL 4105A Course Description Fall 2022 Brian Greenspan

Archived Course Descriptions Fall 2020/2021

DIGH 2001A/ENGL 2400A Introduction to Digital Humanities (Fall)
Professor Christopher Eaket

DIGH 2001A Fall 2020 Course Outline Chris Eaket

DIGH 2002/ENGL 2401  “Digital Fakes and Fictions” (Winter)
Course Outline

Professor Brian Greenspan

DIGH 2035R/SOCI 2035R Technology Culture and Society (Fall)

Professor Carlos Novas

DIGH 2705A/SOCI 2705A Popular Culture in the Digital Age (Winter)

Professor Michael Mopas

DIGH 3001A Fall 2020 Course Outline Micheline White

Professor Micheline White

DIGH 3812A/ HIST 3812A Digital History: Histories in Digital Media and Popular Culture (Fall)

Instructor: Samuel McCready

DIGH 4002 / ENGL 4125: Digital Culture and the Text I (Winter)
Topic: “Digital Dystopias”
Course Outline

Professor Brian Greenspan

DIGH 2002A Course Outline Winter 2022 Brian Greenspan

DIGH 3001A Course Outline Winter 2022 Micheline White

DIGH 2001A Course Outline Fall 2021 Chris Eaket revised

DIGH 4002A Course Outline Fall 2021 Brian Greenspan