Annually Listed DIGH Electives 2023-24

(last updated June 27 2023)

To enroll in DIGH 5011 and DIGH 5012 you must approach the DH Coordinator well in advance of the term start. Both of these require the student to either have arranged supervision with a willing faculty member (for the directed study) or with an organization (for the practicum) in advance. Contact the DH Coordinator for more information.

The following courses can serve as DH electives (in some cases, you will have to ‘apply for an override’). Please contact the DH Coordinator for more information. More courses may be added; check back periodically. In general, a potential elective course features content that intersects with digital media/culture, or is one where the instructor would be open to a student taking a DH perspective in the work. You might find courses in the calendar that are not listed here that might be suitable; contact the course instructor and the DH coordinator if you are interested in the possibility of a course not listed below.

Fall 2023

ENGL 5610F – Studies in Contemporary Literature I – Topic: Documentary and Crisis (Course Description). The Instructor is open to students taking DH approaches to the course content.

HIST 5707 A Narrativity and Performance in Public History

GEOG 5804 F Geographic Information Systems – GIS for students with no previous experience. Includes data formats and structures, input/output and analysis capabilities, and GIS applications.

PHIL5200 A Ethics of AI. (Restricted: Students must be in Philosophy)

Winter 2024

ANTH 5708 W Storying Otherwise

ARTH 5210 Indigenous Visual Storytelling

COMS 5225 W Critical Data Studies (DATA 5002 W; DIGH 5902 B)

ENGL 5610 W Fictionality (DIGH5902 A)

HIST 5906 W Historical Games Studies (DIGH 5902 C)

COMS 5102 A Sound Studies –  A critical examination of sound, listening, and audio reproduction technologies across a range of cultural and historical contexts. Topics can include the exploration of distinct listening cultures, audio media, policy, governance, and the politics of sound – contact Instructor