Digital Humanities – Faculty Listing

The following  names include hyperlinks that will re-direct the visitor to the member’s respective home Departments.

Faculty Name


Aubrey Anable Film Studies
Natasha Artemeva Linguistics and Language Studies
Laura Banducci Greek and Roman Studies
Sarah Brouillette English
Sébastien Cote French
Jim Davies Cognitive Science
Travis DeCook English
Danielle diNovelli-Lang Anthropology
Aaron Doyle Sociology
Stephen Fai Architecture
Marc Furstenau Film Studies
Shawn Graham History
Brian Greenspan English
Shane Hawkins Greek and Roman Studies
Peter Hodgins Indigenous and Canadian Studies
Tracey Lauriault Journalism and Communications
Richard Mann Religion
Michael Mopas Sociology
Stuart Murray English
Charles O’Brien Film Studies
Trudy O’Brien Linguistics and Language Studies
James Opp History
Ruth Phillips Art History
Geoffrey Pinchbeck Linguistics and Language Studies
Daniel Rosenblatt Anthropology
Marc Saurette History
Jaffer Sheyholislami Linguistics and Language Studies
Paul Theberge Music
Peter Thompson Canadian Studies
Ira Wagman Communications
Robert West Cognitive Science
Micheline White Humanities/English
David Wood Linguistics and Language Studies