Photo of Lauriault, Tracey

Tracey Lauriault

Associate Professor
Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 7443
Building:Richcraft Hall, Room 4110B
Department:School of Journalism and Communication


Tracey P. Lauriault
Assistant Professor, Critical Media and Big Data
Cross Appointed to the MA in Digital Humanities
Faculty of the Institute for Data Science


  • Algonquin of Pikwakanagan
  • Republic of Ireland
  • European Union
  • Canada

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Her work on open data, big data, open smart cities, is international, transdisciplinary and multi-sectoral. She is one of the founders of critical data studies and of open data in Canada and founded Open Smart Cities with OpenNorth a data and technology governance approach shaping how Canadian cities roll out their ‘smart’ programs.

She has expertise in data infrastructures, spatial media and smart cities, and is especially interested in the assemblage of social and technological processes such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), standards, and technologies such as platforms and the internet of things (IoT) that intermediate data and large social and technological systems and infrastructures and how these structure, automate and govern so much of daily life.

She is particularly fascinated and applies systems thinking to map out the processes by which deep technological infrastructures and vast machines operate. Her scholarship is critical and engaged, and as a data and technological citizen, she works with the makers, governors and stakeholders of these data, processes and infrastructures, not only to better understand them but also to ensure that these do not cause harm and more so that they are governed in an ethical, accountable and transparent way so as to balance economic development, social progress and environmental responsibility.

Public Speaking

She is often invited to speak and share her work at local, national and international scholarly, public, private and civil society conferences, summits, and events, and to guest lecture at workshops, seminars, summer schools, programs and classes across faculties at Carleton and at other universities in Canada and abroad.

Scholarly Research Affiliations

  • Associate Member, Centre for Law, Technology and Society, Ottawa University
  • Professeure associée, Centre d’urbanization et culture et sociéte, Institute nationale de la recherche scientifique (NIRS), Montréal
  • Research Associate, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University
  • Research Associate, Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute, Republic of Ireland
  • Advisory Board, Institute for Data Science, Carleton University

Governance Affiliations

  • Multi-stakeholder forum for Canadian Open Government Civil Society, Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada
  • Board of OpenNorth Canada
  • Steering Committee for Research Data Canada
  • Toronto Open Smart City Forum

Professional Honours

  • Canadian Open Data Excellence in Leadership Inaugural Award 2016
  • Best Paper Award Regional Studies, Regional Science (RSRS) for Knowing and Governing Cities Through Urban Indicators, City Benchmarking and Real-Time Dashboards with Rob Kitchin and Gavin McArdle, 2015.
  • Women Invent: Silicon Republic and Intel, Top 100 Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Republic of Ireland, 2014.

Sample of supervised research topics:

Technoscience of AI, AI R & D clusters, governing smart cities, smart homes and the internet of torment, privacy and cybersecurity of smart grid metering, internet regulation, folksonomies and hashtagging practices in social media, platform governance, local and traditional knowledge in atlases, data brokers and privacy, blockchain and finance, big data in South Africa, citizenship engagement in open government.