Richcraft Hall Room 4400, Richcraft Hall

Winter 2024 Hours:

Monday – Friday
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The Resource Centre is CLOSED Feb 19-24 (Reading Week).

Hours are subject to change. Any changes to our hours will be posted on Brightspace.
Please note the Resource Centre is for use by SJC students, faculty, and staff only.


The Reader’s Digest Resource Centre is a collaborative work and study space for SJC students, faculty, and staff and contains three conference rooms for group work or meetings. Click the button below to book a study room via Setmore.

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The main reading room is perfect for casual group work or taking a break between classes, and hosts collections of books published by SJC faculty, Journalism and Communication periodicals, and graduate theses and dissertations.

The quiet room features privacy cubicles, low lighting, and lots of outlets for longer sessions of focused study. A full wall of windows overlook the Richcraft Hall atrium and the Rideau River below.

Reference Materials

In addition the regular book collection, the Resource Centre maintains:

  • Selected current periodicals and back issues (physical periodical collection was paused in March 2020. We are currently evaluating which of these periodicals will be brought back in physical format).
  • Journalism and Communications Theses
  • Master’s and Honours Research Projects
  • Media Directories
  • Reference Texts

The Resource Centre is also home to the Media Museum, which hosts over 30 vintage media artifacts dating from 1910 to the present day.

Lending Policy: All materials must remain in the Resource Centre at all times.

Special Collections

  • Dunton Memorial Communication Research Collections (History of the CBC from 1922-2004 including clippings, biographies, subjects and programs)
  • The McBride Commission Papers of International Communication (A Contribution to the Debate on the New Information and Communication Order – “Collection Zimmerman” 1992)
  • Canadian Communication Association Archive
  • Hurley Burley Collection (“Hurley Burley, A time at the Globe” – drafts, edited and final manuscript of Richard Doyle’s account of his career as editor of the Globe and Mail)
  • The Valour and the Horror (CBC Television Documentary series 1992-1993, briefs to the Senate Committee, book excerpts, articles correspondence and clippings)

About the Reader's Digest Resource Centre

The School of Journalism & Communication is privileged to have a Resource Centre that has been in operation for more than 35 years.  Established in 1979 as the St. Patrick’s Resource Centre, its name was formally changed to the Reader’s Digest Resource Centre in October 2000 to honour a generous endowment bestowed by Reader’s Digest. In May of 2012, the Centre relocated to Richcraft Hall.

The Reader’s Digest Resource Centre is the hub of the School logistically and figuratively. It provides more than 1,500 students, faculty, staff and researchers with a collegial environment in which to browse, study, collaborate, research or just relax. The Centre is home to the history of the School. It houses program specific resources such as our book, journal and periodical collections, five daily newspapers, media directories, reference texts as well as other materials. Aside from the fabulous work/study space provided and the many materials contained in the Centre, numerous services are delivered (see resources/services below).

The School is extremely proud of the contributions made by both the Journalism and Communication Studies programs to their respective fields. This work is highlighted in books published by current and past faculty members, a collection which is on display in the Centre. The work of graduates is preserved in a compilation of student theses and research projects (master’s and honour’s) dating back to the early 1950’s. Other highly valued collections of prominence are also housed in the Centre.


Resource Centre Events

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