Specialized Journalism Courses for 2018-2019

In your 4th year you must choose at least one 0.5-credit Specialized Journalism course.

Although we have a full menu listed in the university calendar, not all courses are offered every year.

Here’s what’s running in 2018-2019.

Fall Term

JOUR 4305 – Specialized Journalism: Canada and the US

We look at how Canada and the United States have lived together peacefully for almost two centuries. We begin by examining the values of Donald Trump’s America and the values of Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Each week, we examine a different part of the relationship – diplomatic, cultural, financial, military. We look at the differences between Canadians and Americans, and ask if we are becoming more alike each other or moving farther apart. We visit the Embassy of the United States, and hear from journalists, diplomats and experts.

JOUR 4308 – Specialized Journalism: Sports and Sport Culture

More than play-by-play – you’ll cover live sporting events and learn to look beyond the field to find stories. You’ll read some of the greatest works of sports journalism and analyze some not-so-good sportswriting in order to spot the difference. You’ll meet real athletes and sportswriters and dive into discussions about how best to master the craft.

JOUR 4309 – Specialized Journalism: Arts and Culture

Arts and culture journalism remains the most satisfying of writing genres, with opportunities for analysis and storytelling, and an avid readership online. This course introduces key issues while teaching hands-on techniques for writing profiles, reviews, etc. Topics include our celebrity cult, the unholy power of publicists, how to recognize bias or manipulation from sources, the pitfall of “fan-ism,” and the indispensable uses of digital media for your reporting.

Winter Term

JOUR 4301 – Specialized Journalism: Business and the Markets

The world needs journalists who understand how the economy works, how corporations are governed, operate, succeed and fail and what moves stock markets. This course will give you the basics to start a career as a business journalist. You will learn to analyze corporate performance through the eyes of an Ottawa publicly traded company, profiling its activities and interviewing its executives. A stock market investment exercise lets you build a portfolio and see how news can affect it. You will become familiar with the facts, figures and sources at the core of reporting on the Canadian economy and the businesses that operate within it.

JOUR 4303 – Specialized Journalism: Health and Science

Strong journalism about health science is vital to an informed public. Misinformation spreads like a virus on social media and still finds a spot in legacy media: consider the harm caused by anti-vaccine advocacy, food faddism, disease mongering. This course will teach you how to report accurately on new studies and emerging treatments. You’ll learn to use sound research, credible sources, and compelling techniques in health and medical story telling while you meet and interview leading scientists and health journalists.

JOUR 4306 – Specialized Journalism: Canada and the World

Interested in becoming a foreign correspondent or international affairs writer? Want to know more about Canada’s role in the world? We examine the elements of Canada’s internationalism – diplomatic, military, humanitarian, commercial – and how each reflects our values and interests. Topics include our long involvement in the United Nations and other international organizations, and our commitment to peacekeeping and human rights. We hear from experts in the field, visit the Department of Foreign Affairs, and learn through analytical reporting, readings and student presentations. The point is to explore the past, present and future of Canada in the world, and to equip you with the tools to understand and explain it.

JOUR 4311 – Specialized Journalism: Justices and Journalists

The Supreme Court of Canada has an enormous effect on our everyday lives. The highest court’s justices routinely make decisions on our rights, free speech, healthcare, criminal justice, religion, immigration and refugees and other pressing issues of our time. It is, therefore, unsurprising that the law intersects with almost every area of journalism at one time or another. In this workshop course, you will cover the Supreme Court of Canada as a beat. You will attend court proceedings as a class and there will be latitude for you to explore your particular interests by writing an enterprise piece for your final project.

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