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Special Events

Deep Thoughts, Bright Ideas

Carleton’s journalism school is more than a professional training ground.

It’s an intellectual hub for faculty and students involved in journalism studies scholarship, research and public discussion about journalism’s past, present and future.

Along with other special events held throughout the year, our annual Kesterton Lecture is one way we explore journalism’s place in the world.

Kesterton Lecture

Wilfred Kesterton was a Saskatchewan-born newspaperman and Second World War veteran when he became one of the earliest graduates of Carleton’s new Bachelor of Journalism program in 1949. His newspaper background and exceptional academic achievements led to his appointment, upon graduation, as the School of Journalism’s second full-time faculty member.

A leading figure at the School for 40 years, Kesterton specialized in media law and journalism history. He published important studies in both areas, including his seminal 1967 History of Journalism in Canada.

The Kesterton Lecture, Carleton Journalism’s signature annual public event, honours his pioneering contribution to journalism education in this country.

18th Annual Kesterton - 2017

Journalism: Into the Future

CBC News Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge on the essential nature of excellent journalism.

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Marty Baron Kesterton

17th Annual Kesterton - 2016

Spotlight on Journalism

The Washington Post‘s Marty Baron in conversation with CBC’s Robyn Bresnahan

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16th Annual Kesterton - 2015

Saving journalism one exposé at a time: How investigative journalism is turning people on again

The Toronto Star‘s Kevin Donovan on how to get people to care about journalism

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Kevin Donovan
Nahlah Ayed

15th Annual Kesterton - 2014

What falls from the sky: predicting the future in the Arab World

The CBC’s Nahlah Ayed on reporting from the Middle East.

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14th Annual Kesterton - 2013

Notes from a Changing China

The Globe and Mail‘s Mark MacKinnon on his time as the Beijing correspondent

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Mark MacKinnon

Exploring Journalism

Journalism turns 70

Reflecting on a storied past and a bright future

Carleton University’s journalism program — the oldest and most renowned in Canada — held its first class in a downtown Ottawa meeting hall on Oct. 9, 1945.

Parliamentary Press Gallery at 150

Building on the past, adapting to the future

There are big changes happening in the political and media landscape of this country – all set against the 15oth anniversary of Canada’s Parliamentary Press Gallery.

On February 29, 2016, a stellar panel of current and former Press Gallery journalists discussed the gallery’s past, present and future.

Story & Video

Mohamed Fahmy: Freedom

In conversation with CBC’s Neil Macdonald

Mohamed FahmyMohamed Fahmy, the former Al Jazeera Egypt bureau chief imprisoned by the Egyptian government for more than a year, was finally released in September 2015.

On November 9, 2015, he weighed in on the state of press freedom in Canada and abroad, the dangers journalists face carrying out their work, and the ability of journalism to make a difference, in a conversation with CBC senior correspondent Neil Macdonald.

Live Blog & Video

Surviving Afghanistan

AP Bureau Chief Kathy Gannon in Conversation with Dick Gordon

Kathy Gannon in AfghanistanKathy Gannon is the Canadian-born journalist and AP bureau chief who was shot last April while on assignment in Afghanistan. For more than 20 years she has reported primarily from South Central Asia and is described as being the “undisputed dean of the western correspondents who cover that region.”

On January 20, 2015 she was interviewed by one of our contract instructors, Dick Gordon, a top war correspondent and award-winning former journalist who covered conflicts from Bosnia to Afghanistan to Sri Lanka. The event was co-sponsored by the Canadian Committee on World Press Freedom, the Canadian War Museum and the Carleton University Faculty of Public Affairs.

Live Blog and Video