How we communicate with each other is always evolving. We text, we stream, we swipe, we meme. We also vote, debate, and take to the streets. Our faculty and graduate students help us understand our changing world while also doing their part to shape it.

Our graduate programs will help you make sense of the role of communication and media in everyday life. The research we do at Carleton challenges the boundaries of communication studies by building on intellectual traditions from a broad range of disciplines. We are committed to interdisciplinarity. Our faculty and graduate students come to us from communication and media studies programs but also disciplines like sociology, political science, literary studies, geography, art history, and human computer interaction.

Faculty and students are involved in several hubs of research activity including the ALiGN Media Lab, RoCCET Lab and Comic Cons Research Project, the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project, the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative, Populist Publics, and the Transgender Media Lab. As a graduate student, we will help you hone your interests, formulate compelling research questions, and push you to find answers and develop arguments. Find out what career paths lay ahead and explore our faculty profiles to learn more about our areas of expertise or look below to see many of our shared interests.

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Getting Help

Graduate Supervisor

Rena Bivens
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Graduate Advisor

Laura Gareau
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Studying at Carleton

Studying in Ottawa

Ottawa is a city that sits at the crossroads. It bridges two provinces, it works in two languages, it is a place where different cultures intermingle, and it is home to internationally recognized artistic and cultural institutions. As the seat of power and a centre for public life, Ottawa is also a place where ideas circulate, get taken up in debate, and are turned into law.

Window on the World

As a capital city what goes on in Ottawa is part of conversations taking place nationally and internationally. Through their teaching, research, and community engagement our faculty are important players in the marketplace of ideas.

Whatever your chosen direction we provide a rich intellectual experience. We are proud to prepare our students for a world in which communication is central to so many fields of knowledge. Join us!