It's Canada's Capital

A Vibrant, Dynamic, Bilingual Community

A City of Opportunity

Where else might your class assignments take you from Parliament Hill to the National Gallery — from pro sports to art exhibits — from city streets to the Supreme Court?






A City of Stories

Media organizations, national not-for-profits and NGO headquarters.

National business associations, policy think tanks, embassies from countries around the world, politicians and parties, lawyers to lobbyists.

They’re all here in our capital city, and they all have stories.

With Carleton’s BMPD, you’ll learn how to tell them online in new, engaging and distinctive ways.




A City of Technology

High-technology to venture capital, the media establishment and upstarts, new ideas and innovation addressing everything that goes online.

It’s all in Ottawa, making it a great city to hone your new design, production and storytelling skills.





A City of Culture

And at the end of day, where else can you and your classmates take a break from your studies to find wonderful music, food, fashion and art, just steps from the Rideau Canal pathways, where you can cycle in the autumn and skate in the winter?