JSOC members smile for a picture at the fall gala.

JSOC holds an annual picnic for first years during orientation week.

JSOC holds events with other clubs, such as Drag Me To Trivia in Winter 2024.

Logo for JSOC: A teal circle with the letters J, S, O, and C arranged in a diamond pattern. The O is replaced with an icon of an old-fashioned microphone.The Journalism Society of Carleton (JSOC) offers opportunities for students in Carleton’s undergraduate (BJ) and graduate (MJ) programs. JSOC’s primary goals are networking, community building, and student support. 

JSOC is led by an executive team of journalism students who are elected by their peers at the end of each academic year. In September, first year students can apply to represent their cohort and host events for first year students. These events include study nights, workshops led by faculty, and panels with industry professionals.

First years can also participate in a mentorship program coordinated by JSOC. Students are paired with a third or fourth year student mentor who they connect with over the course of 8 weeks. 

After first year, students are encouraged to apply for executive positions where they can take the lead on communications, events, and student services.

JSOC also organizes programs for all years, including two galas a year, a writing contest, and many other events where you can get to know your faculty and fellow students. They also hold monthly scheduled meetings.

To stay up to date with JSOC, follow them on Instagram @cujsoc or check out their website. If you would like to learn more or if you would like to take part in the club’s meetings and events, please email at cujournalismsociety@gmail.com