A New Program taking Media into the Future

Just after Labour Day, 38 students from across Canada became trailblazers in Carleton’s latest degree program – the innovative Bachelor of Media Production and Design (BMPD).

This new honours degree program is a collaborative effort of Carleton’s nationally recognized School of Journalism and Communication and its School of Information Technology.  Over the next four years they will get both the editorial skills and computer programming and design knowledge to build multimedia non-fiction stories for charities, research institutions, corporations, museums, governments, media companies and everyone in between anxious to deliver a message to an online or mobile audience

Their learning starts in 2018-19 with an introductory course and a workshop in storytelling theory, context and practice across media formats as well as courses in web development, interactive multimedia design and computer programming.

In the following three years, the students will continue to take new courses specifically designed for them as well as some existing courses taken in conjunction with information technology students and others with journalism students. There’s also room in the program for electives to pursue other academic interests.

When that first class graduates in June 2022, they will have the skills to present stories and supporting information in innovative formats that will enlighten, inform and entertain online and mobile readers, listeners and viewers – ultimately contributing to a broader and deeper understanding of how we connect with each other in the 21st century to build stronger societies.

Some in that first group of Bachelor of Media Production and Design graduates may have included in their program of study a four-credit minor in Entrepreneurship offered by Carleton’s Sprott School of Business. Others may have selected the co-op option – taking a year in paid work with employers arranged by the university – adding a year to their degree in exchange for extensive experience in the working world even before they graduate.

They will work with the latest in video, audio, online and mobile production technologies and equipment.

Will you follow in their footsteps in September 2019?

For more details email us at mediaproduction@carleton.ca

Christopher Waddell
Program Director – Bachelor of Media Production and Design
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
Carleton University