Bachelor of Media Production and Design Program

Want to develop the skills to gather the information you need and then design the best way to highlight it online by bringing together text, photography, audio, video and graphics?

Our Bachelor of Media Production and Design will help you build this professional foundation while also providing a broad academic education.

You don’t need an extensive background in computer programming. The BMPD will give you the ability to design and tell non-fiction stories online, for not-for-profits, non-governmental organizations, media companies, community groups, corporations, governments and anyone else who wants to reach a networked audience.

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BMPD Workshop Courses

Our intensive hands-on workshops will help you see why “story” and “design” are inseparable in today’s world.

As you integrate fundamental design thinking and production skills in your non-fiction storytelling, you’ll gain an understanding of the ways in which design shapes the information delivered to audiences.




BMPD Theory Courses

As well as acquiring editorial and technical skills, you’ll develop the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the power of “story” through coursework in ethics, law, civic institutions and citizen interactions via policy proposals, information technology, data theory and the history of persuasive narrative and imagery.





General Academic Courses

At the same time, you’ll have lots of opportunity to follow your other interests in subject areas that go hand-in-hand with your BMPD program.

Try the Entrepreneurship minor offered by Carleton’s Sprott School of Business.

Or specialize in law, human rights, business, music, political science, communication studies, English – just a  few of the combined honours or minors you can take in conjunction with the BMPD.

Over the four years, you’ll learn the research and critical thinking skills required to be a successful university graduate – one that employers in the media world and beyond are eager to hire.


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