Join us at Carleton – the first Journalism School in Canada

A Carleton journalism degree is the passport to the front lines of today’s global communication revolution.

Make your mark in the world using skills and insights gained at Canada’s top training ground for journalists and other media professionals.

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Launching Stellar Careers Right Here

Our Journalism graduates have a rich tradition of success. From the anchor desk to the war zone, you can see Carleton J-School alumni every day — around the world and across all platforms.

CBC foreign correspondent Nahlah Ayed, TSN sportscaster James Duthie and the Globe and Mail’s senior international writer Mark MacKinnon are just a few who got their start in our classrooms.


Learning by Doing in Real-World Labs

Our school publications showcase the best emerging media talent in the country.

Students broadcast weekly radio and TV current affairs shows – run a digital news hub serving 50,000 people in downtown Ottawa – produce documentary films – and create multimedia projects that reach the world online.

They also hone skills and build resumes working for other print and radio campus media.

Learning by Doing in Real-World Labs
Earning a Degree, Seeing the World

Earning a Degree, Seeing the World

A Journalism education at Carleton means opportunities for international exchanges and other experiences abroad through the program and the university.

Students can also do internships in Africa, Asia, and Latin America – many with our Centre for Media and Transitional Societies, in partnership with the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation and World University Service of Canada.

Two Degrees, Many Paths

Carleton offers both a Bachelor of Journalism and graduate-level Master of Journalism programs, expanding the media horizons for graduates.

Study “Journalism Plus"

The best journalists and storytellers live in a big room. That’s why we offer “Journalism Plus.” Our undergrads study journalism, plus they can pursue their passions in other areas.

From English to law, human rights to film studies, there’s a long list to choose from for a specialization or a minor. Some even opt for a combined honours degree – journalism plus another major.

Our MJ students can take a one- or two-year path to graduation depending on the level of media experience they bring to the program.

Teaching Excellence

Teaching Excellence

The core of the Journalism program remains small hands-on workshop classes led by friendly, experienced faculty – journalists, researchers, online innovators drawn from the top ranks of the Canadian media.

Few programs offer the kind of one-on-one instruction provided by the J-School’s professors and contract instructors.

Rewarding Excellence

Every year our J-School disburses a generous number of scholarships, bursaries, awards and teaching assistantships.

This deep well of resources for undergraduate and graduate students rewards high achievement, recognizes special needs and opens doors to unique learning experiences around the world.

Rewarding Excellence
Employing Excellence

Employing Excellence

A degree from Carleton is a potent professional credential.

Our graduates build careers in the news business, law, communications, policy research, or a range of related fields.

We give them the skills, work placements and job contacts to succeed in a world powered by digital communication.

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Where Else Can You ...

Land an interview

Land an interview

with the Prime Minister of Canada (while still in your 4th year of the undergraduate journalism program!)

Enrol in an exciting course

that puts you in the field on a Canadian military base

Enrol in an exciting course that puts you in the field on a Canadian military base

Spend time at the Supreme Court

in the company of Justice Rosalie Abella

Win an award

that funds your fieldwork in Nigeria

Win an award that funds your fieldwork in Nigeria

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