Building:Richcraft Hall, Room 4212
Department:School of Journalism and Communication
Degrees:PhD (Sociology/Queen's), MA (Legal Studies/Carleton), MBA (Royal Roads), BA (Anthropology/Alberta)

Dr. Robinson’s research and teaching interests combine her prior professional experience in software product and program management in the private sector with academic research in communication networks, algorithms, theories of communication and control, computational media, and the role of biological inspiration in software design.

Courses taught by Dr. Robinson explore aspects of contemporary media and communication through law, policy and regulation, algorithmic culture, and social media monitoring and data analytics. Scholarly influences include science and technology studies, Deleuze, cultural techniques and media archaeology, and information ethics.

Dr. Robinson is the faculty representative for Carleton’s Co-op Program.

2017-2019 Faculty of Public Affairs Teaching Fellowship

2017 Teaching Achievement Award


2016 “The Vital Network: An Algorithmic Milieu of Communication and Control,” Communication +1 (5).

2016 ‘What is Communication’, book chapter in Questioning Sociology, eds. G. Pavlich and M. Hird. Oxford University Press.

2016 Hird, M. R. Yoshizawa, S. Robinson, G. Smith, and M. Walker. “Risk for Cardiovascular Disease after Pre-eclampsia: Differences in Canadian Women and Healthcare Provider Perspectives on Knowledge Sharing.” Health Sociology Review.

2012 Review of Panoptic Dreams: Streetscape Video Surveillance in Canada, by Sean Hier. Canadian Journal of Law & Society 27 (1): 151-153.

2010 “Epistemic Values and Epistemologies of the Eye.” Review essay on Objectivity, by Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison. parallax 16 (1): 113-117.

2010 Review of Debugging the Link between Social Theory and Social Insects, by Diane M. Rodgers. Canadian Journal of Sociology 35 (2): 338-341.

Popular writing

2015 ‘It’s Google’s Universe and We’re Just Visiting,’ Carleton Now (August 2015).