M.A. Specialization in Digital Humanities Program Requirements

Part A – Digital Humanities Core Courses

All Digital Humanities students are required to complete the following two courses, and an elective:

DIGH 5000:  Issues in the Digital Humanities (0.5 credit)
This course provides an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of the Digital Humanities, including the historical and ongoing debates over its boundaries, methodologies, objectives and values.

DIGH 5800:  Digital Humanities: Professional Development (0.0 credit)
This course allows students to participate with Digital Humanities scholars and professionals in public discussions of topics in the Digital Humanities, as both presenter and audience member. The course is graded SAT/UNST based on attendance and engagement.

DIGH ELECTIVES: 0.5 to 1.0 credit (depending on your program) satisfied through completion of the following:

* If you choose to enroll in a Digital Humanities Practicum (DIGH 5011) or a Digital Humanities Directed Reading (5012), you will require departmental approval.

Part B – Other Requirements

If you are writing a Major Research Paper or a Thesis as part of your degree, please note that this work must have Digital Humanities content to meet the requirements of the program.

Students are required to fulfill the requirements of their specific collaborating programs as listed in Graduate Calendar. Click on your program (listed below) to see your requirements.

Anthropology History
Applied Linguistics Indigenous and Canadian Studies
Art History Music and Culture
Cognitive Science Philosophy
English Public History
Film Studies Sociology